As an art community, Lupinar encourages you to create your own avatars. With the diverse amount of species we offer, you're able to explore a range of colors and animals. We welcome a variety of different styles, as long as the rules are understood.

What are the pictures above my name?

The pictures shown above your name are what we like to call avatars, otherwise known as poses. They represent who you are on Lupinar. We provide a variety of avatars for our users that can be used in a variety of ways. You can move them around, change the way you are facing, and even interact with other users with them while you're hanging out in a public or private room.

How do I change my avatar?

You can do this via the Shapeshifter. The Shapeshifter is where you can change your avatar's colours, your avatar itself, and even flip through the poses to see what is included with your avatar instead of lagging the chat by changing poses in the public rooms. You can access the Shapeshifter through both rooms and the map. If you would like to enter the Shapeshifter through the map, look to the left of your screen. Do you see the first tab on the side titled "Entrance?" Hover over that. You should now see a drop down bar beside it. Click "Avatars: Custom Colors." This will take you to the Shapeshifter. Here, you can do what you please with your avatar to make it more unique.

How do I get a subscription for custom rooms and poses?

To upload your own custom poses, you will first need a subscription. You do this by purchasing deltas. To purchase deltas, make sure you are on the Lupinar map. Look to the left of the screen. Hover over "Account." There should now be a drop down bar beside this tab. Click "Buy Deltas." This is where you can purchase your deltas. One delta equals one United States dollar. You must buy a minimum of ten deltas at a time. (You can also earn deltas by colouring, shading, drawing poses, etc!)

After you have obtained some deltas, you now need to change your subscription level. The default level is "Free," which is what most start out with. With a free account, you are allotted no custom objects, rooms, poses, or other features. To get a subscription, once again look to the left of the screen while on the map. Hover over "Account" once more. Click "My Subscription" when the drop down bar appears.

There are six subscription levels. Free (no custom poses, rooms, objects, or added features), basic (a maximum of five custom poses, zero custom private rooms, zero objects, and the removal of ads from the side of your screen), standard (a maximum of ten custom poses, one custom private room, five objects, the "away" feature, and the removal of ads from the side of your screen), preferred (a maximum of fifty custom poses, ten custom private rooms, ten objects, the "away" feature, the addition of an official friends list, and the removal of ads from the side of your screen), elite (a maximum of 150 custom poses, fifteen custom private rooms, twenty objects, the "away" feature, the addition of an official friends list, and the removal of ads from the side of your screen), and ultimate (a maximum of 2000 custom poses, fifty custom private rooms, fifty objects, the "away" feature, the addition of an official friends list, and the removal of ads from the side of your screen).

The free subscription does not require payment. A basic subscription costs 0.06 deltas per day, or six cents. A standard subscription costs 0.12 deltas per day, or twelve cents. A preferred subscription costs 0.20 deltas per day, or twenty cents. An elite subscription costs 0.25 deltas per day, or twenty-five cents. An ultimate subscription costs 0.33 deltas per day, or thirty-three cents.

How do I get custom poses?

After obtaining a subscription, you can now get to uploading poses! There are multiple ways you can get your own pose: you can draw it using an array of art programs such as GIMP 2, Photoshop, Jasc, Paint Tool Sai, or even browser supported programs such as Sumo Paint. You may also purchase your own custom pose from another artist, which is known as a commission. There are even premade poses that are created by artists of any Chatlands Premade Market (known as the Tribe Market here); they can be colored instantly after purchase. Artists have even created a bountiful selection of free poses available on forums associated with Chatlands, such as PosePro, the Wolfhome Forums, and our forums! Remember, they need to be coloured correctly before they can be accepted.

How do I get custom rooms?

Please read above! It is the same process, but switch the word "pose" with "room."

Where can I find poses and rooms?

Our Forum
Any Chatlands-related Forums

I can't colour my poses! What do I do?

PosePro provides this service; there you can get any pose colored through their request system. Make sure you understand their rules and regulations before rushing in to get a pose colored. There are multiple ways to get your poses colored. If you're unable to download a program and color them yourself, we have the request section in the forums! Post what you need colored as well as a reference, then wait for someone to reply offering their services. Or you can look in the service section to see who is already offering their coloring services.

What are some tools for drawing and colouring?

Free Drawing tools:
Sumo Paint
Fire Alpaca

Free Service:
Our Forums

Now that I finally have a pose or room, how do I upload it?

You can find the uploader in the map by hovering your mouse over "Entrance" and clicking "Uploader: Custom Poses." From there you can follow the instructions to upload your very own pose. Be sure to follow all pose and room regulations. These will be shown below to ensure that you will definitely get your pose accepted. You are also capable of accessing the pose uploader via the Shapeshifter.

Why can't I use my pose or room right away?

The manual review process is to make sure that the pose meets Lupinar's standards and is not stolen artwork. Since your pose needs to be accepted by an Artstaff member, you'll have to wait a short period for your pose to be processed. Art staff are flexible in their schedule so a pose may take only 5 minutes or up to a day to be reviewed. If a pose has questionable material, it may appear to "sit" in the uploader while we discuss it; an Art staffer will always contact you via chat or message if this is the case.

If you see an Art member on duty, it is not against the rules to ask them to review your pose(s); however, each Art staff member has a personal preference so it is not guaranteed they will review your pose even if you ask. Do not harass an Art staffer to get your pose reviewed; there is a fine line between asking nicely and bugging an Art member to review your pose. It may lead to a ban. If you have just uploaded your pose try to give it an hour or so before you ask someone.

Wait, Artstaff? What's that?

Artstaff is a volunteer group of administrators who process poses that are stored in the uploader. They will either accept or reject them depending upon the quality or subject. They are also available to answer any and all art related questions as well as keep a watchful eye for art theft. If you have issues with any pose it is always best to ask them!

Users can be Art staff?

Certainly! A user that is on Artstaff is known as Tribe Artist. Tribe Artists do the same work as any admin that is on ART. The application to become a Tribe Artist can be found on the forums!

What is art theft?

Art Theft is an act of claiming ownership of artwork that does not belong to you. We try our best to make sure art theft is not a problem, hence why it asks proof of permission when uploading a pose. If you upload art that is not your own it is considered stealing and can result in a ban. Make sure you know that the source of the image you're uploading is qualified for our artwork standards. You may use sites such as deviantArt as long as there is a statement somewhere in the image or description saying that you have permission from the artist to use that pose.

In the "proof" section of the uploader, it is asked that you provide a direct link to the page you obtained the image from. If you are the artist, you may use an online gallery or forum post for reference.

So, what poses are allowed in the public rooms of Lupinar?

All animals, mythical or otherwise, are welcome in Lupinar's public rooms. The only thing that is not allowed are poses that disregard our "aesthetic quality" rule.

Adult Material

No pose can contain reproductive organs or other overly sexual materials, with the exception of sheaths on feral animals. An overly sexual theme would include a female wolf touching herself in inappropriate places, flipping someone off, a pose meant to hump, and so on. Nipples are only acceptable on "male" poses. As for weaponry, swords, knives, bows, etc., these items can be used so long as they are not being directed at others in a harmful manner. Examples of this would be a wolf cutting himself with a knife, pointing a gun as if directed towards a user, etc. Nerf or squirt guns are an exception to this rule. In order to accomplish this effect, make sure the gun is either squirting water or is brightly colorful and unrealistic to what a firearm may look in life.

Aesthetic Quality

Aesthetic quality refers to the overall pose itself. These would be issues where the poses are absolutely unacceptable for chat because the proportions are not attempting any form of realism. It's not often that poses are rejected for this reason because we encourage all budding artists to create and share their artwork. However, stick figures and other poses that are similar will not be allowed and will be promptly rejected.

Poses that are chibi-like with no real proper anatomy and/or poses that contain "emoticon" faces will need to be placed under the mythical category. While we do accept these types of poses, please remember that they must have some anatomical structure and should be believable in shape.

Top row of examples are not acceptable; the bottom row are acceptable.


Perhaps one of the easiest malfunctions to notice is the presence of a background. No backgrounds are to be allowed with any pose. They must all be transparent so that they blend with whatever room they are placed in.

No Transparency: Solid color around the pose

Transparency: No visible BG around the pose.


There have been quite a few issues with colours lately and what types of patterns are acceptable. Unacceptable patterns include, but are not limited to: Pure pitch-black (#000000), pure rainbow, and simply not coloured (meaning the pose still reflects its original grayscale version). Characters may be white, but if an accessory is included on the pose it must be coloured in. Also, we do allow some pitch-black (hex colour #000000) to be allowed in poses, but the entire pose can not be this dark.


Poses must contain a certain level of sharpness. Poses shouldn't be too blurry. This means that the pose must have a clear outline, as well as clear details such as the face. If a pose is too blurry once it's sized properly, the sharpening tool can help make it less blurry. If it becomes an issue or you're unable to make it less blurry, don't be afraid to contact an ART staff member or ask your fellow Lupinarians.

Loose Pixels

Loose pixels are pixels that show up on the outside of your pose or along the edges of the outline. Lupinar strives for excellence, but not perfection. We understand that not every loose pixel is going to be taken care of. It's nearly impossible to get every single, tiny pixel that is on a pose. However, you can try by placing the pose on a black background. This is an easy way to spot loose pixels that are crowding a pose. Another issue involving loose pixels would be a ghost halo. This is an outline of loose pixels that is attached to the actual outline of a pose, giving it a halo-like appearance. An example of loose pixels and a ghost halo will be listed below.

An example of loose pixels

An example of a "ghost halo"


All poses must have a left and right facing side. This allows you to "turn around" in chat. This does not include any wording that is in the pose. For example, if your pose has a sign that says "STOP", it must be readable when the pose is mirrored.

Numerous Characters, Plushies, and Pets

Poses may only contain one character unless there are other characters in the form of a plushie. Characters may have a "pet," however. Plushies may be up to twice the size of the average wolf, but no larger. Pets include a variety of small creatures as well as horses. Pets include a variety of small creatures, such as rodents, snakes, or birds. Plushies may be up to three times the size of the main character, but no larger.

Inanimate Objects as Poses

We believe it is fine for users to have inanimate objects. In fact, some of our AFK poses happen to be objects! There is a fine line between acceptable objects and unacceptable objects, however. We are of the early Cenozoic era, so our poses generally represent that. The only inanimate objects acceptable for public rooms are those of the old times. In other words: rocks, spears, bows, trees, clouds, moons, etc. As long as it won't be disrupting the chat, we are just fine with it. Unacceptable objects for public rooms include, but are not limited to: sex toys, bloody weapons, giant chibi inanimate objects, modern day machinery, modern day items of any sort, etc. All objects must be shaded and look like actual objects, not blobs. Characters may be using modern day items in their poses as long as they are appropriate for chat.


The outline is what makes or breaks the pose. Acceptable outlines include black outlines, whether thin or medium in size, or dark brown outlines. Poses may be lineless, but they need to be good quality in order to be accepted. Unacceptable outlines are very thick, broken, contain loose pixels along the outside of them, are neon, or are white and don't match the pose whatsoever.



Though most Pokemon resemble actual animals, we only allow them if there has been changes to their appearance. Trainer characters with Pokemon in the pose are allowed, as well as plushies of Pokemon characters. Ken Sugimori's artwork (the original game/anime's pokedex sprites) are not allowed. They are not free!


There are many styles of shading that are recognized in their own way. Lupinar's standards have become more lenient than in the past, but we do still require proper shading. Gradient shading has become more popular than in the past because it does not require as much work. It's easy to go from light to dark with gradient shading. However, if there is no real light source, the pose will be rejected. Colouring can also not be too dark that the shading can hardly be seen (in the case of black characters, pitch-black shading is allowed as long as it does not contain most of the pose itself). All forms of shading are acceptable as long as there is a proper light source and the shading is prominent.


If a pose happens to be too dark, please remember that you can highlight it! Highlighting is when you add in a brighter or lighter section, as if the light is reflecting off the pose. It's a simple way to make darker colours look more natural, as well as making sure that it's not colored too dark to be acceptable.


Sizing on Lupinar is vastly different compared to other Chatlands in that there is really no set "size" for most of our species. We recognize that through out the Cenozoic and the world today, animals are a variety of sizes depending on species, subspecies, location and so on. Certain animals were also much larger than their current counterpart in the past. We rely heavily on you to discern what size best fits your character, its species and if it matches with our size guides as well as our pose sets. There are restrictions -- while a wolf cannot be the size of an andrewsarchus, a horse can be the size of a cat. The reasons for this should be clear; there has been no known wolf the size of an andrewsarchus, even most borophaginae (large, ancestral canids) could not rival in size of an andrewsarchus. However, there have been ancient horses that were small. You need to make educated decisions when sizing your poses. Due to the variety of different styles of artists and other limitations, Lupinar is not entirely realistic in its sizing. We understand that while an animal may be very huge in reality, on Lupinar it can only be as tall as the largest present animal (the chalicothere) in the size charts below. Below are our size charts.


No poses may contain language that is inappropriate. Cursing and derogatory terms are not allowed on poses; this includes inappropriate gestures. If you're unsure what this means, please see "Adult Material" above.


Rooms follow a similar guideline as poses, but are more lenient. Your private room background doesn't need to have shading, but it has to look somewhat like a room. Solid colors, broken screen pictures, and photographs (whether you or someone else took it) are not acceptable. If you're unsure if your desired background would be acceptable or have any other questions, feel free to contact a member of the ART staff.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions or feedback?

Current Artstaff: coyote, Ravi
Tribe Artists: None Currently