Lupinar is a virtual world inspired by the Age of Mammals. A member uses an avatar, or pose, to roam a variety of locations. Artists are capable of creating, uploading and even selling their own, original artwork.

Is Lupinar Free?

Lupinar is free, however subscriptions grant you access and benefit you to use other features (such as, different species, access to the pose uploader, friend's list and away messages). You can change your level of subscription under Account-> My Subscription in the Map.

In order to have access to multiple features, you must purchase "Deltas". One Delta is equal to one (US) Dollar. Deltas can be earned using two options; you may perform art related jobs such as creating poses for other users, or purchase them from My Account >My Subscriptions in the Map. As of now, only PayPal may be used to purchase Lupinar currency.

How do I maneuver the world?

There are a list of every growing tutorials created by administration and users alike available here.

Is Lupinar a Game?

Lupinar is not technically a game, though it is treated similarly through the use of its poses and locations. It is more of a chat than anything else with the addition of having artistic liberty in your appearance.

Is Role Play Allowed?

Users are allowed to RP as long as it is kept among the willing. Pestering other users about mates, packs, clans, families, etc is not the ideal form of Role-play here at Lupinar and is deemed a bother to most users. It is however, not against the rules unless it continues when asked to stop.

How is Lupinar run?

Lupinar is supported by a group of volunteer administrators known as "Lupinar Guardians". Every decision agreed upon by this team is based off of the Chatlands/Lupinar rules as well as the feedback received from users. Lupinar does not rely on a benevolent dictator model in which the creator of the site has the final say; most of the site's decisions are approved by the alphas before becoming public. However, this does not mean that Lupinar's alpha system has the final say either, for every decision relies heavily on the opinions of the userbase above all else. The guardians of this site are here to serve and protect, not rule.

How do I become a Lupinar Guardian?

Becoming a guardian means you'll be investing much of your chatting time to moderating the chat. You need to be a kind person with the best interest of others in mind. If you feel like you're fit to become a guardian and would like to apply then pay close attention to the dates in which applications for administrator are opened. Lupinar opens applications twice a year minimum, every six months. During this time, applications will be open for a month and the form will be accessible via the home page. Remember you will need a community account as well.

What is Lupinar's community/forum?

Lupinar's Community boards are similar to other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. While we also have a forum, you also have the ability to post blogs, on feeds, and add friends to view their profile as well! You can do all of this and more on our Read More Here.

What do I do if I find a Bug?

You may report bugs via our Problem Ticket service, or post any issues on our forums. Either way, we'll do our best to help solve any dilemma. Some common bug reports are listed on the forum; if you are experiencing any of the following, please refer to these pages before contacting us.

Can I contact a guardian outside of the chat?

Yes! You're welcome to contact a guardian outside of the chat in order to provide a report or feedback, or even just to chat! Lupinar Guardians typically, and freely, share some of their online information so that users may approach them where they feel most comfortable. You also may report anonymous feedback to us here.

What do I do if I am banned?

If you were banned and would like to apologize or feel that your ban is injust, you may always fill out a problem ticket. Make sure to provide explicit detail as to what sort of ban it is and why you were banned as well as other important and general information. Sometimes you may be referred to submit a ticket elsewhere because a Chatlands ban was placed on your account. Lupinar cannot handle Chatlands bans and therefor are powerless to help you in that regard.

How do I make a Pose?

To learn how to create and upload your own artwork, you may want to visit our Art FAQ (page currently does not exist). Conclusion If your question was not answered in our FAQ, we apologize for that small inconvenience. You may open a Problem Ticket, post on the forums, or ask one of our friendly moderators and we will do our best to assist you.