Upon joining Lupinar’s community, regardless if it’s the chatlands site, website, or forum boards, you are acknowledging to have read, understood and agreed to follow the rules laid out before you. Each rule is a given guideline for what cannot be done within the community, and each is enforced by the Lupinar administration, and you can recieve infractions, such as warning, emails and bans, if you are found breaking any of these rules. These rules and it’s infractions can be edited and/or altered at any time, and an announcement will be made following the changes. If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts on the rules, then please feel free to contact a Lupinar administrator. Thank you!

The Lupinar Ban Ladder

Each rule break will be considered an infraction against one’s account, and most of these rule breaks follow the normal basic steps in which are listed below in the ban ladder, and the actions taken. Each user is in almost all cases, will be given a four month refresh period, in which after four months of no rule breaks, then their slate is wiped clean, and they restart at the beginning of their ban ladder for their account(s). While it’s normal to follow the ban ladder in almost all cases, Lupinar administrator’s can handle each situation as a case-by-case if they or the rest of the staff deem that further discussion or a different action needs to be taken rather than the next step on a user’s ladder, then they may do so.

First Offense (Chat/Forum Message)
Second Offense (Chat/Forum Message, + email notification)
Third Offense (24 hour ban + email notification)
Fourth Offense (3 day ban + email notification)
Fifth Offense (1 week ban + email notification)
Sixth Offense (2 week ban + email notification)
Seventh Offense (1 month ban + email notification)
Eighth Offense (3 month ban + email notification)
Ninth Offense (Permanent Ban + email notification)

Age Requirement

To start off, Lupinar is a 16+ site, meaning, you must be at least sixteen years of age, to join Lupinar and be a member. If you are found to be under the age of sixteen years old, you will be banned from Lupinar permanently. If you want to appeal your ban when you’re of the age of sixteen, then you may do so, and your ban will be removed if that was the sole reason for your ban. This rule is in place so that other users can share and discuss more things that those under this age level, who may not be old enough to be exposed too to the material, nor as mentally capable of handling the type of conversations or situations as the rest of the community.

Account Responsibility

Each user is responsible for all actions that are or were taken on their account(s), and should be the only ones accessing and handling their accounts. Saying “I let my sister use my account!” isn’t a valid excuse, or an exception in situations where a rule has been broken. Alternative accounts will not be handled as a different account/user, and will still remain on the same ladder as all your accounts will. You are solely responsible for any action taken against your account(s), and it’s up to you to make sure that no one besides yourself accesses your account, and that no rules are broken. If you feel you’ve been hacked, or a miscommunication has taken place, please report it to the administration immediately, and it will be looked into.

Spam and Flooding

Spamming and flooding the chat, community website or forum boards, can cause lag, and slow down other’s connections to the server, as well as cause displeasure and annoyance to other community members and overtake the atmosphere as a whole and become bothersome. If you are found to be breaking this rule, or bordering on breaking it, then you can receive actions taken against your account.These are usually handled as minor infractions, and follow the typical ban ladder.

Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts are permitted on Lupinar Chatsite, however not the Lupinar Community site. When on the chat, please refrain from using multiple accounts in rooms that are over half full. Using multiple accounts to harass or disturb other users will not be permitted.


Role-play is allowed in all public rooms of Lupinar, it is simply asked that you respect others if the majority of the room doesn’t want to role-play, or isn’t engaging in the conversation, that you not force it on them, or become bothersome with your roleplay. If this isn’t followed, you can receive action taken against your account(s).

Mini Modding

Mini-modding is the action of a user who holds no administrative rank, trying to take on the authority or handling of a situation or user, as a administrator would. This isn’t something a user should be worried about, or be handling, for the safety of all parties, as sometimes when a user tries to do this, it can cause more harm, than good. Simply put; outside reporting and a bit of friendly advice, leave moderation to the administrator’s trained and appointed to handling these situations and users.

Profile Content

While user profiles are encouraged to be used by everyone in the community to express oneself, and show uniqueness for each member, please understand that not all content is acceptable or allowed on Lupinar. Content that is deemed the following will be required to be removed:

If you are are warned or requested to remove content from your profile, and do not do so, upon your next log in / posting, you will have it manually removed by an administrator and action taken against your account.

Explicit and Inappropriate Content

Lupinar is 16+, meaning, that some content isn’t suitable for all it’s audiences that others might be older and are or have been exposed too. To make this fair, all content must be acceptable for all users to view, and follow Lupinar’s guidelines. Action against your account(s) can and will be taken when you’re found doing the following:

Disturbing the Peace

The act of behaving or causing problems that is upsetting or causing grief, such as disturbance amongst or with the user base, a public room, or a user. Disturbing the peace is done in many different ways, and listed below are the different ways to go about breaking the rule. Some are treated more seriously than others, however none of them are permitted, and action can and will be taken if you’re found to be doing the following:


Harassment is not tolerated, or permitted on Lupinar. If you are found harassing a user, a group of users, administrators, within the site, action can and will be taken against your account(s) if you are found to do, but not limited too, the following:

False Reports

False reports are also not allowed on Lupinar, as this can be troubling and bothersome to the Lupinar Staff, as their time can be spent better handling real reports and discussing true problems within the site.


Threats are not tolerated on Lupinar, and will result in a permanent ban if pertains to a death, rape, hack, or virus threat directed at either another user, or the site itself. Other threats such as suicidal, or self-harming, are not allowed either due to the negativity and triggering atmosphere they can cause. Not all threats will follow typical protocol, and can be handled by the Lupinar Staff as a case-by-case situation if saw fit.

Propositioning of Minors

The propositioning of minors will not be tolerated, and will not only result in am immediate permanent ban from Chatlands, but the perpetrator's ISP, as well as legal authorities / law enforcement will be contacted and could face legal charges. This also applies to any on minor trying to proposition an adult.


With these rules, you are now ready to travel into the world of Lupinar, explore and enjoy yourself!! Please know that these rules are able to change at any time, and you automatically agree to them upon joining the site, and partaking anywhere of it’s community. Lupinar welcomes you, and encourages you to partake in the atmosphere, and meet new faces, or reconnect with old ones! We appreciate every user who enters our site, and hope that you enjoy Lupinar, as much as we do!